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With over 12 years in the sport surfacing industry we can help you from start to finish, from design – planning – construction – surfacing – line marking – maintenance and sporting equipment. 

We surface any asphalt/concrete area, from sporting courts – bike/running tracks – recreational areas.

We provide an honest approach to delivering professional Show Court’s for our clients.

As a result, no design is too elaborate and no job is too big or small. Our work ranges from large resurfacing works at The Australian Open to backyard basketball courts.  We do it all.



Show Court Surfaces will help bring your ideas to reality by helping you design and plan your project.

We can provide you with plans so you are able to visualise your ‘show court’ before we make it reality.

No design is too elaborate.

We enjoy creating classic courts as well as any complex and artistic designs you may have.


It is imperative that the sub-base & base is graded and laid correctly for your courts performance and longevity.

It is always recommended that you use Show Court Surfaces from start to finish for your project so we can ensure construction is done correctly and using compliant construction specifications to your chosen sports.

We can provide excavation, necessary sub-base preparation, concrete slab or asphalt, drainage, fencing, lighting and sports equipment footings/installation.


Now it’s time to put a surface on your court.
This is an exciting stage of the project as we turn your area into courts for Tennis, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Futsal, Multipurpose courts, Recreational areas, Bike tracks, Running tracks, Hopscotch, Four square, Hit up walls and much more. 

With your choice of colours we can bring your court/design to life in your choosen finish of:
– Acrylic Hard Court
– Modular Sports Flooring Tiles
– Premium Cushioned Acrylic System
– Synthetic grass

Please see more details about surfaces in the ‘Surfaces’ Section below.


Not only do we create brand new courts, we also resurface existing courts.

Depending on your courts use, treatment & surroundings, this can be easy as a pressure wash, 2 coats & line marking. Whilst other courts may require repairs prior to new coats such as crack filling, low area levelling, grinding , extra coats etc.

Show Court Surfaces will be able to advise you what work is required to get you the quality of finish you desire.


Any linemarkings desired can be applied with our specialized hard wearing textured line paint to a surfaced or un-surfaced area in your choice of colours. 

Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Futsal, Volleyball, Badminton, Four Square, Hopscoth are popular choices but any design possible can be line marked of your choice.

A multisport line marked area is great way to get maximum fun out of your court.


We can supply & install inground/above ground Basketball towers, Netball rings, Tennis nets, Multi Sport towers, Volleyball nets are just some examples

Please check these recommended ranges from: (Basketball), (Basketball), (All sports) & (All sports)
If you prefer equipment from another company, we can organise this also.


Depending on the type of use and the surroundings of your court/area you may choose to have your court cleaned to remove ingrained dirt or grime.

With a specialised high pressure cleaner we can bring back your court/area to looking almost brand new again.


Show Court Surfaces can repair any damages your court has.

Repairs such as cracking filling – low area levelling – grinding and more to keep your court looking better than the rest.

Once repairs are completed we will cover our repairs with the corresponding colours.



Based on the Mornington Peninsula and servicing Melbourne Metro, Surf coast, Bellarine Peninsula & Bass Coast.


Acrylic Surfacing: September to May (Suitable weather). Sports Tiles & Court Construction: all year


Residential Properties, Schools, Sports Clubs, Councils, Builders, Commercial & Warehouses.


Painted acrylic hard courts suit a wide range of sports courts and general landscapes from Tennis – Netball – Basketball – Pickleball – Volleyball – Multi sport. This surface is a long lasting all rounder. 

Our acrylic surface is environmentally friendly with no solvents or heavy metals and Australian made.

Once we provide the necessary base preparation, we can apply a multi layered system of hard wearing, long lasting and slip resistant textured acrylic sports surfacing paint on either a concrete or asphalt base. Dependent on the base, we start with primer and/or a base coat. Then finished with 2 coats of your chosen top coat colour then followed by line marking.

– Visually pleasing finish
– Suitable for all sports
– Good price point
– Little to no maintenance
– Good consistent bounce across whole surface
– Highest slip test rating (P5 STR) in wet conditions
– Large choice of colours
– Endless design options
– Option to resurface 

– Not suitable for all bases
– Susceptible to cracking & other base issues if base isn’t prepared correctly
– Surface can only be applied from Sept – April in Victoria

Show Courts’ modular cushioned interlocking sports tiles are an extremely popular on basketball courts as well as multi-purpose active areas.

Our polypropylene cushioned tiles can be applied to concrete, asphalt, level brick work or pavers and more. 

Each tile is 18mm high and has 46 individual multi directional rubber cushions per tile (305mm x 305mm). 

The tiles interlock with each other and create their own impressive cushion surface which provides a stadium feel under foot and ball. Line marking’s applied pre delivery or onsite. 

– Professional look
– Cushioned feel under foot
– Lower impact for your body
– 30% sound reduction with bouncing balls
– Same basketball bounce as indoor stadiums.
– Safer to fall on
– Can be applied to many different types of bases
– Option to relocate court

– Quick Drainage
– 15 colours to choose from
– Not susceptible to cracking or other minor base issues
– Quick turnaround & installation process
– Easy to clean

– Slightly more slippery than Acrylic in the wet (P3 STR) but this surface dries quicker than acrylic.

Cushion acrylic systems are a premium product that can be applied in different ways.
The most common cushion systems vary from liquid cushion which is applied in layers (Australian open) or rubber shock pads which are glued to the base and then acrylic top coats & line making applied onto the cushion.

– Visually pleasing finish
– Lower impact on the body
– Safer to fall on
– Suitable for all sports
– Little to no maintenance

– Good consistent bounce across whole surface
– Highest slip test rating (P5)
– Large choice of colours
– Endless design options
– Option to resurface
– Suitable for bases where a standard acrylic hard court isn’t

– 3 – 4 x more costly than acrylic hard court
– Not suitable for all bases
– Surface can only be applied from Sept – April in Victoria

Synthetic grass is popular for tennis courts, cricket wickets, hockey fields, soccer and general landscapes.
Grass filled synthetic grass arrives in rolls which is then unrolled and cut to suit area then seams are glued together. Line markings are then cut in for desired sport. Last stage is to sand fill the grass with silica sand.

Lower impact on body
– Safer to fall on
– Slower ball pace (if desired)
– Can be applied to many different types of bases

– Slower bounce
– Slower ball pace 
– Costly
– Maintenance required
– Moss issues